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“SLART” trademark-registrant Richard Minsky and Linden Lab have filed a joint stipulation (.pdf) agreeing to extend a Temporary Restraining Order covering claims of use of “SLART” in Second Life through trial.  In legalese, the agreement turns the TRO into a “Preliminary Injunction.”

Linden Lab had previously indicated it would contest entry of a Preliminary Injunction, but apparently decided it wasn’t worth the fight.  The Preliminary Injunction doesn’t do much more than lay out a path for Minsky to bring SLART-branded objects in Second Life to Linden Lab’s attention and have them removed from the virtual world, so Linden Lab likely did not see much upside to devoting resources to fighting it.

For the full background of this case, see VB’s ongoing coverage of the SLART trademark lawsuit.  In brief, Minsky is suing Linden Lab, Second Life user ‘Victor Vezina,’ and past and present Chairmen of Linden Lab’s Board of Directors Mitch Kapor and Philip Rosedale over use of Minsky’s registered trademark “SLART” in Second Life.  Minsky is representing himself.

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