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Archive for July, 2008

Fresh off its summary judgment victory against the creator of MMO Glider (a “bot” program that lets people play World of Warcraft unattended), WoW creator Blizzard has now asked the U.S. District Court for the District of Arizona for a permanent injunction (.pdf) which would functionally shut down Glider’s WoW presence.  In addition, Blizzard has [...]

I recently came across an audio recording of Second Life founder ‘Philip Linden’ (Philip Rosedale) speaking at Second Life’s first birthday (.mp3), a bit over four years ago.  Philip is addressing a crowd of avatars in-world at what was one of the first voice events in Second Life.  Though there’s no single, big virtual law [...]

RCE Universe has some interesting notes from an interview with Lisa Rutherford of TwoFish from a conversation at Casual Connect Seattle.  TwoFish, RCE Universe reminds us, is supplying the in-development virtual world-creation platform Vastpark with a “plug’n’play economic engine that provides for real cash economy transactions, banking grade account management, advanced analytics, currency exchange and [...]

There’s an interesting point-counterpoint conversation on RMT (“real money trade”) going on over at  The exchange is more thoughtful than usual, which bodes well for the site (I’ve been keeping an eye on it since it launched a couple of months ago).  GameRates has a pro-RMT bias in as much as they track gold [...]

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