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Archive for September, 2007

Guest Commentary – Part One of VB’s “Click to Agree” Series When you enter an online world or game, you have to click a little box or button and agree to a set of terms, usually called the “Terms of Service” (TOS) or the “End User License Agreement” (EULA). Although this kind of agreement (technically, [...]

Linden Lab emailed European Second Life users earlier today to inform them that Linden Lab would begin collecting Value Added Tax on all Second Life fees and other purchases from European users including land use fees, private region fees, land auctions, purchases from the land store, and account fees. Second Life’s ‘Gwyneth Llewelyn’ (who undoubtedly [...]

I recently zeroed in on a clause in Second Life’s Terms of Service which, if enforced, renders all patents — even pre-existing ones — functionally worthless against Second Life infringers. This comes via a presentation (.pdf) from Fernando Barrio, a Senior Lecturer at London Metropolitan University. I think you had to be there to follow [...]

VB runs “Virtual Law Quicklinks” whenever we have a backlog of interesting items that aren’t big enough for full posts. One link, one sentence, a little commentary. Here’s today’s batch. Trademark Infringement in Second Life Noticed Again – Digital Urban joins the many voices singing the trademark infringement in Second Life song (originally a 2005 [...]

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