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Archive for April, 2007

Harvard Law School recently wrapped up a Second Life-based mock trial of the Josh Wolf case, attended by the real life Josh Wolf. Wolf, a video journalist and blogger, had been imprisoned for refusing to turn over video footage of an anti-G8 anarchist protest in San Francisco that he recorded in 2005. A federal judge [...]

In the not-so-serious virtual crime department, Wired recently covered a theft at kid-based virtual world “Club Penguin.” Sure, it’s not as big a deal to you as having your Second Life vendor account hacked, but to an eight year old… it’s devastating. Especially if your little brother is the perp. One of the highlights from [...]

Virtually Blind met with ‘Solomon Cortes’ (avatar of Field Fisher Waterhouse partner David Naylor) in Second Life this morning to discuss his firm’s decision to become the first major, international law firm to open an office in a virtual world. Naylor is the FFW partner behind the project. We discussed concerns the firm had before [...]

I’ll try to be open minded here, but it’s going to be hard. I set up an account at “There” today for the first time to check out the new State of Play Academy, and I was kind of shocked at what I found. Early impressions? Well, you hear people complain about the graphics in [...]

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