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Archive for February, 2007

Virtually Blind Commentary A stunningly ill-informed staff editorial from Illinois State University’s Daily Vidette says that “online roll-playing games” (Huh? Your avatar is a baguette?) are addictive, unhealthy, and potentially life-threatening. The piece is linked here, but really, don’t bother. The reason for the editorial? The Vidette claims that “recently, reports have come from people [...]

The Second Life Herald reported today that “a felony was committed in Second Life” over the weekend, and suggests that Second Life’s open source viewer may have helped enable the crime. Allegedly, someone using the names ‘Data Lindman’ and ‘CheckOutThis Hax’ stole over US $400 worth of in-world currency from a vendor refund account for [...]

Virtually Blind Commentary Borderline off-topic, but I’ve just got to link to this. I’ll file it under “virtual crime.” From the blog of eleven year-old Londoner “Ant,” here’s the set up: On a day full of boredom, I decided to see if the same business strategies used the world today would be as efficient in [...]

Virtually Blind Commentary Are massively multiplayer online (MMO) games, like the immensely popular World of Warcraft and the granddaddy of the genre, Ultima Online, “virtual worlds?” They certainly look a lot like virtual worlds. There are avatars, possessions, and lots of social interaction. Yet some people claim that there should be a distinction between games [...]

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