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Archive for March, 2008

Today, March 31, is the last day to register for the Virtual Law Conference in New York City, April 3-4. Registration ends at 11:59 eastern time (8:59 Pacific). Your registration fee for the conference also covers entrance to the “Virtual Worlds 2008” conference (which runs concurrently) and all associated events. According to the organizers, over [...]

After years of largely ignoring widespread use of its trademarks on everything from in-world groups to business web sites, Linden Lab recently announced the launch of the Second Life® Brand Center, which features a new set of explicit, fairly restrictive guidelines regarding the use of the company’s trademarks. Some residents are upset, and with at [...]

Blizzard and MDY Industries have filed key motions in their lawsuit over the popular World of Warcraft automation program “WoW Glider” (since renamed “MMO Glider”). Exhibits include an expert report supporting Blizzard from Indiana University’s Edward Castronova (PhD, Economics) regarding the impact of Glider on World of Warcraft. Substantial excerpts follow; here are the documents: [...]

I am pleased to announce that Virtual Law is available for pre-order through the American Bar Association’s website. It went to press yesterday, and will be published in April. Virtual Law will be exclusively available from the ABA for a month or so, and then will be released to brick-and-mortar and mainstream online booksellers. Virtual [...]

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