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Archive for July, 2007

SLBA Press Release – The Second Life Bar Association (SLBA), an informal professional association for attorneys and legal scholars in the virtual world of Second Life, recently concluded its first-ever elections. The SLBA’s new President-Elect is U.K. lawyer David Naylor. Naylor participates in Second Life as the avatar ‘Solomon Cortes,’ and is a partner at [...]

[Editor's Note, August 5, 2007: VB is providing ongoing coverage of the Ginko collapse in the comments to this article. I probably won't run further standalone articles unless criminal charges are brought, a lawsuit is filed, or Linden Lab takes action.] One more post on this and I’m punching the clock at the financial desk [...]

Well, here’s the big news: [20:05] Nicholas Portocarrero: The IPO is part of the process of a deal I have worked out with Allen, in order to acquire AVIX. Good luck, everyone.

I spoke with ‘Nicholas Portocarrero’ tonight at length, on the record. I am going to do something I rarely do and run this transcript exactly as it occurred, without cleaning it up or editing it into something more reader-friendly. I’m not really in top form here, but I feel that this is a very honest [...]

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