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Archive for March, 2007

The Second Life Bar Association will have its first large-scale organizational meeting on Wednesday, April 18th at 19:00 SLT (that’s 7:00 PM Pacific/8:00 Mountain/9:00 Central/10:00 Eastern). We’ll be discussing several things, including officer elections, this year’s project agenda, and future meeting times. Membership is open to all legal professionals and scholars, and is currently free. [...]

One more note from the road for virtual entrepreneurs as U.S. tax day draws near. Terra Nova has an abstract up from a very solid piece of analysis on taxes in virtual worlds. Both the discussion at Terra Nova and the article itself are well worth your time. The Terra Nova article and the abstract [...]

The March ABA Journal has an article (linked below) about lawyers in Second Life, in which I am quoted. Unfortunately, the article incorrectly identifies the in-world bar association I started, the Second Life Bar Association, as the “Linden Bar Association,” [the article initially misidentified the in-world bar association I started -- the Second Life Bar [...]

Quick note from the road for U.S. readers who make real money in virtual worlds. It’s tax season, and CNNMoney reminds us that “earnings in real U.S. dollars generated within virtual realities are reportable to the IRS.” What’s interesting is that “[t]ax law is murky when it comes to dealings that occur solely within Second [...]

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