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Archive for October, 2007

Guest Commentary – Part Two of VB’s Three-Part “Click to Agree” Series on Terms of Service and End User License Agreements in Major Games and Virtual Worlds Even in the largest online game experience, the player can always leave. This is the primary difference between a real world economy and a “virtual economy.” Much academic [...]

VB runs “Virtual Law Quicklinks” whenever we have a backlog of interesting items that aren’t big enough for full posts. Here’s today’s batch. Brooklyn Law Review just published a student note on defamation in virtual worlds that is worth reading. The author is Bettina Chin. I should have run this a couple of weeks ago, [...]

The Second Life Patent & Trademark Office, has opened its doors, offering Second Life users a suite of new intellectual property protection tools. The SLPTO, now in live, free, open alpha-testing, is the brainchild of Second Life developer ‘FlipperPA Peregrine‘ (Tim Allen) and Michael Eckstein, an international IT business consultant and former CEO of a [...]

Virtual law is in the mainstream news media today. The recently-filed lawsuit in which six major Second Life designers are suing Thomas Simon, a New York man who allegedly used the avatar ‘Rase Kenzo’ to make thousands of copies best-selling in-world items, has landed on the front page of the inimitable New York Post. The [...]

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