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Archive for October, 2007

Six major Second Life content creators have filed a lawsuit (.pdf) in the Eastern District of New York claiming copyright and trademark infringement against Second Life user Thomas Simon of New York, who allegedly exploited a flaw in the Second Life software to duplicate thousands of copies of the creators’ products. Simon allegedly sold copies [...]

Eros, LLC has filed an amended complaint (.pdf) naming Robert Leatherwood, of North Richland Hills, Texas, as the John Doe defendant previously known only by a Second Life avatar’s name, ‘Volkov Catteneo.’ A summons (.pdf) was also issued. Eros is owned by Kevin Alderman (‘Stroker Serpentine’ in Second Life). Alderman confirmed the identification of newly-named [...]

Last night’s Second Life-centered CSI:NY episode was exactly what it was supposed to be: an entertaining 42 minute cops and robbers network television show that touched on law and technology, without exploring either in depth. Regular readers will recall that I don’t like these shows generally, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that I didn’t [...]

Though it is widely understood that profits made running a business that deals in virtual goods or services are taxable, tax agencies have not yet seriously pursued enforcement, and there is an open question regarding when these profits are taxable. Two recent presentations suggest that enforcement is getting incrementally closer, both in the EU and [...]

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