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Archive for May, 2008

VB is pleased to bring readers a new, notable paper in virtual law, Alan Turing and the Matrix: Intelligent Systems for Law Enforcement in Virtual Worlds (.pdf) by Bart Schermer, a partner at consultancy firm Considerati and an assistent professor at the University of Leiden (Faculty of Law) in the Netherlands. Schermer has written his [...]

New World Notes is running an item expanding on CNN iReports coverage of an ongoing investigation by Playboy into trademark infringement in Second Life. The original report isn’t sourced, outside from identifying a couple of Playboy representatives visiting a potentially infringing display in the virtual world, but New World Notes tracked down Playboy Island manager [...]

Court minutes (.pdf) from May 5 indicate that Brock Pierce has now paid Alan Debonneville whatever amount of money they agreed he’d pay in order to settle their bitter, often personal, lawsuit. Though they parties had reached a confidential agreement over a month ago, problems with the settlement (which appeared to boil down to Pierce [...]

Three Chinese men have been jailed for operating pirate servers of Giant Interactive’s MMORPG ZT Online, according to Pacific Epoch. The men are ordered to pay a total of RMB 60,000 (USD $8,586) in compensation to Giant for the servers that are said to have cost Giant a minimum of RMB 59,000 (USD $8,443…the cost [...]

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