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Second Life creator Linden Lab is apparently in negotiations with in-world production studio and broadcaster over SLCN’s pending trademark registration for the characters “SLCN” for “broadcasting radio and television programs in a virtual environment.”  Linden Lab sought, and has been granted, a 90-day Request for an Extension of Time (.pdf) for Linden Lab to file a “notice of opposition” against the pending application.  SLCN is the in-world production studio that is responsible for programs such as Metanomics, Real Biz in SL, and many others.

Linden Lab says it needs the extension because:

[Linden Lab] needs additional time to investigate the claim.
[Linden Lab] needs additional time to confer with counsel.
[Linden Lab] is engaged in settlement discussions with applicant.

Had Linden Lab not sought the extension of time, the SLCN trademark would have emerged from the period for opposition on September 18.  Now, Linden Lab has until December 17 to file a notice of opposition.

SLCN is represented on the registration application by Thomas C. Wettach of Cohen & Grigsby.  Linden Lab was represented on its request for an extension of time by Bobby A. Ghajar and James R. Cady of Howrey, LLP.

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2 Responses to “Linden Lab Gets Extension of Time to Oppose Pending “SLCN” Trademark Registration”

  1. on 29 Sep 2008 at 4:07 pmDoubledown Tandino

    Hmm, here’s a curious one. Two sets of good people… is truely awesome! (I was fortunate enough to appear as a guest on Paisley Beebe’s show as a music guest.) Linden Lab, as we know, wants to solidify what’s theirs…. and what may not be.

    JMHO is that LL and will work out an arrangement… and the extension, is simply that… just more time to decide what’s what and what to do.

    I definitely HOPE that the outcome benefits BOTH and Linden Lab… I can easily see plenty of ways where it could work for both sides.

  2. [...] As this post by Benjamin Duranske alludes to, Linden lab have requested an extension of time to determine if they’ll oppose SLCN registering their name as a trademark. [...]

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