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Archive for January, 2007

Virtually Blind periodically runs “quicklinks” — items that are not long enough for a full story, but are worth a click. Here’s the current batch: Slashdot reports that eBay is enforcing a ban on auctions for virtual property in multiplayer games like World of Warcraft, City of Heroes, and others, but has specifically exempted property [...]

Seems Sweden will be the first nation to open an embassy in Second Life. Website “The Local” reports that Swedish Institute director Olle W√§stberg told news agency AFP that Sweden is “planning to establish a Swedish embassy in Second Life” to provide passport information and “act as a link to web-based information about the Scandinavian [...]

Virtually Blind Commentary In what has to encourage the right-shoulder side of the “Linden: good or evil?” debate, Linden executive Ginsu Yoon (his title is now “Vice President, International” but he’s also serving as General Counsel while they search for a full time GC) posted a comment for the guy who did “Get a First [...]

Harvard Law School’s three-week “Evidence 2007″ course (which was conducted partly in Second Life) just wrapped up. The course provided the students and other Second Life citizens the opportunity to participate in an in-world mock trial of the pending real-world Bragg v. Linden lawsuit. The Bragg case is a dispute about Linden Lab’s decision to [...]

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