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Archive for April, 2008

VB has obtained the Temporary Restraining Order against Brock Pierce (.pdf) granted to Alan Debonneville earlier this week. The TRO prevents Pierce from “failing to comply with the terms of the settlement” of his bitter legal dispute with Debonneville (one of the co-founders of his virtual property company “Internet Gaming Entertainment”) over certain business deals [...]

Blizzard and MDY have filed responses to last month’s Motions for Summary Judgment in their lawsuit over the popular World of Warcraft automation program “WoW Glider” (now “MMO Glider”). Exhibits include an expert report supporting MDY from Koleman Strumpf (PhD, Economics) of the University of Kansas School of Business. The Strumpf report counters Edward Castronova’s [...]

VB has obtained court minutes (.pdf) indicating that the Debonneville v. Pierce court recently granted a request for a temporary restraining order filed on behalf of Alan Debonneville against Brock Pierce. The request and the proposed order are sealed, so what, exactly Brock Pierce is restrained from doing is not presently known. [4/30/08 update -- [...]

According to minutes (.pdf) obtained by Virtually Blind, Judge Manuel Real of the Central District of California has, on his own motion, ordered a status conference in Debonneville v. Pierce — presumably to ask why the parties have not yet finalized the settlement they reached last month. Readers will recall that last month virtual property [...]

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