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Archive for May, 2008

The Metaverse Journal posted a podcast on legal issues in virtual worlds today. It features an interview with Dr. Melissa de Zwart, Law Faculty Senior Lecturer at Australia’s Monash University. This is a great podcast covering a wide range of topics, and it is particularly nice to get an international perspective on these issues.

I am happy to announce that next month I am moderating a teleconference on “Why Virtual Worlds Matter for Lawyers” sponsored by the American Bar Association’s Section of Science & Technology Law and Section of Intellectual Property Law. The teleconference, scheduled for June 24 from 10:00 AM to 12:00 noon Pacific time, will be available [...]

Earlier this month, Mike Dillon, Executive VP, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary of Sun Microsystems, visited Sun’s Second Life campus for an internal conference and posted about it. It wasn’t terribly big news, particularly since it wasn’t a public event, but Dillon’s post seems to really get both the current reality (“the overall visual effect [...]

Last year Linden Lab, the company that runs the virtual world of Second Life, banned sexual ageplay in its world. The policy specifically prohibited “depictions of or engagement in sexualized conduct with avatars that resemble children,” and clarified an earlier statement that was widely seen as overbroad. This hit VB’s radar screen because although “virtual [...]

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