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Archive for September, 2008

MDY Industries has agreed to pay World of Warcraft creator Blizzard $6,000,000 in damages arising from the use of MDY’s game bots in World of Warcraft, pending appeal.  The court formalized this agreement with an Order and Stipulated Judgment (.pdf).  Blizzard prevailed on several key issues at summary judgment earlier this year, setting up this [...]

Second Life creator Linden Lab is apparently in negotiations with in-world production studio and broadcaster over SLCN’s pending trademark registration for the characters “SLCN” for “broadcasting radio and television programs in a virtual environment.”  Linden Lab sought, and has been granted, a 90-day Request for an Extension of Time (.pdf) for Linden Lab to [...]

Quick programming note: I’m appearing on Metanomics on Monday, September 29 at 12:00 Noon PDT on a panel discussing Robert Bloomfield’s recent interview with Second Life founder Philip Rosedale. Other panelists include Christian Renaud, Wagner James Au, ‘Dusan Writer,’ Nic Mitham, Tish Shute, ‘Betinna Tizzy,’ and Roland Legrand.  You can catch Metanomics “live” in Second [...]

I’m excited to report that I co-authored the cover article, Virtual Worlds, Real World Issues, for the the inaugural issue of Landslide.  Landslide is a new magazine from the Intellectual Property Law Section of the American Bar Association; it should be arriving in mailboxes this week.  My co-author is Sean Kane, who is also one [...]

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