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Archive for June, 2008

This one may make your head hurt a little bit, but it highlights a problem that is coming faster than you might think. Three steps to the analysis… 1) 3D games like the upcoming Spore (and, of course, free-form social environments like Second Life) let users create some pretty cool stuff. For example, I created [...]

I’m pleased to announce that starting Monday, I will be appearing periodically (in avatar form) as a legal correspondent for the second season of Cornell Professor Robert Bloomfield’s excellent virtual worlds interview show, Metanomics. My first appearance will be Monday, June 30th, at 12 noon Pacific time. I’ll be starting the hour with a brief [...]

IGE has filed a brief (.pdf) in opposition to last month’s motion for class certification in Hernandez v. IGE. IGE also filed exhibits (.zip) which feature excerpts from the deposition (an out of court proceeding where someone has to answer questions under oath) of plaintiff Hernandez. IGE’s chief argument is that Hernandez does not have [...]

As part of ramping back up to full-time coverage at VB, I’m going to do some minor site updates, and update my virtual world presence. Nothing drastic re: the site — an updated banner, a few visual tweaks, and some behind-the-scenes WordPress patches that I’ve been putting off. Let me know if you have any [...]

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