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Archive for August, 2007

Discovery is heating up in the Bragg v. Linden Lab case, and Marc Bragg has posted a number of related documents on his web site. First, we now have Bragg’s initial set of responses to interrogatories (.pdf). His primary arguments (which you’re probably already familiar with from his recent motion to dismiss) are laid out [...]

U.K. website (which appears, primarily, to resell real-estate domains) is running a bizarre, but oddly compelling, futuristic virtual property law hypothetical set in “Third Life.” Once you get past the Guy Noir-ish purple prose (the real estate attorney is “highly intelligent and powerful,” and her avatar is “beautiful and shapely”), you’ll find that the [...]

The picture below? That’s my avatar in Second Life. His name is ‘Benjamin Noble’ and he’s been my representative in that virtual world from the beginning. But why should you believe that? So far, you’ve had no way to know the real name, geographic location, gender, or age of the person controlling ‘Benjamin Noble.’ That’s [...]

Virtually Blind recently conducted an in-depth telephone interview with Jason Archinaco, Marc Bragg’s attorney in the case against Linden Lab and Philip Rosedale. Archinaco is a partner at White and Williams, in Pittsburgh. We discussed topics as diverse — and divisive — as Linden Lab’s accusation that Bragg violated a California criminal statute, the potential [...]

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