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Archive for March, 2008

Second Arts recently posted a comprehensive transcript of a presentation on content creation and intellectual property rights in Second Life by an IP attorney ‘Juris Amat.’ ‘Morris Vig,’ who edits Second Arts, offers some thoughtful commentary on the issues raised in the presentation in the introduction: The issues are profound. The need for Linden Lab [...]

Eros, LLC, a Second Life adult-animation creator, has reached a settlement with Robert Leatherwood of North Richland Hills, Texas, originally known only as Second Life avatar ‘Volkov Catteneo.’ Frank Taney, the attorney for Eros, said, “We’ve reached a settlement. The terms include an agreement that Leatherwood will not do any more copying.” According to Taney, [...]

I’m a bit behind the news here as I was on the road this week, but Reuters confirmed that the fictitious defendant named in Eros’ copyright and trademark lawsuit last fall was correctly identified in court papers as Robert Leatherwood of North Richland Hills, Texas (see VB’s earlier coverage for details). The confirmation is hardly [...]

I’m working on a new (non-law-related) book, and I am looking for real stories from virtual worlds. If you’d like to talk about your virtual world experiences, potentially for publication, shoot me a note, and I’ll set up a time to talk to you. I’m happy to discuss the details of the project once we [...]

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