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Second Arts LogoSecond Arts recently posted a comprehensive transcript of a presentation on content creation and intellectual property rights in Second Life by an IP attorney ‘Juris Amat.’

‘Morris Vig,’ who edits Second Arts, offers some thoughtful commentary on the issues raised in the presentation in the introduction:

The issues are profound. The need for Linden Lab to recognize their responsibility to their customer base is undeniable.

So when’s something meaningful going to happen? What needs to happen for Philip Rosedale and his band of Lindens to step up and recognize that they (and they alone) have the tools to ensure Second Life’s primacy for months, if not years, to come?

If you are involved in virtual worlds in any way, these issues should matter to you. The long-term success of any world that follows the unfettered-creation model pioneered by Second Life (a model many of us see as the long-term future of the grid) depends largely on user-created content.

This presentation delivered a good summary of the issues, and provides a good starting point if you are interested in learning more about intellectual property concerns in virtual worlds.

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2 Responses to “Transcript of IP Attorney’s Presentation on Content Creation Available at Second Arts”

  1. on 20 Mar 2008 at 6:21 pmMorris Vig

    Thanks for the link, Benjamin. I really want my blog to be about the exploration of SL art, but the fundamental concerns about Second Life as a viable platform in light of the problems that Linden Lab allows to flourish warrant discussion. I’m glad you’re spreading the knowledge; it was a good session.

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