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Site Editor Benjamin Duranske's Avatar 'Benjamin Noble' on the BeachJust a quick note to let regular readers know that I’ll be on vacation for most of March and early April.

For those of you jealously keeping track of my whereabouts, yes, I am taking a five week vacation from my sabbatical — life is rough, huh? To my credit, I do plan to do quite a bit of research for the book I’m working on while sitting on the beach, but I also plan to learn to surf and make a perfect margarita, so it definitely is a real vacation.

Though I’ll be checking in from time to time and do plan to post periodically, I don’t plan to track day-to-day developments until I get back in early April. Please do keep sending interesting links and checking in at VB while I’m gone though, as I plan to post at least somewhat regularly. VB will be back to business as usual in April.

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One Response to “Vacation”

  1. on 05 Mar 2007 at 11:09 amPelanor Eldrich

    Hi Benjamin,

    Congrats on the vacation and the fine article on Ginko. I floated the following idea by Ashcroft, who didn’t like it. Gwynneth Llewellyn, OTOH thinks it’s worth a look at.

    I would like to purchase a large CDS Mainland Franchulate modelled politically and thematically after Switzerland. There would be a Swiss style government and local bylaws which recycle 95% of Ashcroft’s Judiciary Act and Codes of Procedure.

    Ashcroft’s resistance stems from the fact that losers in court can appeal all decisions to the SC. Passage of the arbitration bill allows the ability to enter into agreements which may be appealed to the SC only on constitutional grounds. The franchulate could decide by direct referendum to secede if the Franchulate or Arbitration Act are repealed.

    The focus of the franchulate would be financial services and law. An advantage to remaining in the CDS is the use of the New Guild to aid in bulding/scripting/development.

    I would like move Eldrich Financial HQ there and start banking “properly”, attract SL Bank and Midas Bank, attract the World Stock Exchange as well as the members of the Law Society.

    Naturally, I’d be looking for judges. Names that come to mind are you (as chief justice), Ashcroft (who isn’t interested, understandibly), Dexter Leopold, Oni Jutai, and Rose Springvale.

    I realize you’re on vacation. Just give it some thought. It would take a month for me to get the application passed and more of the infrastructure and documents in place. Please let me know what you think. Thanks! -Pel

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