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There’s an interesting point-counterpoint conversation on RMT (“real money trade”) going on over at  The exchange is more thoughtful than usual, which bodes well for the site (I’ve been keeping an eye on it since it launched a couple of months ago).  GameRates has a pro-RMT bias in as much as they track gold sales prices and thus exist, essentially, because of RMT, but they don’t hide that, they and don’t seem to be affiliated with any of the major sellers.

The arguments raised in the discussion going on over there now are the sort that could provide good jumping off points for papers for law students considering writing on RMT/virtual property.

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One Response to “RMT Point-Counterpoint at GameRates”

  1. on 22 Jul 2008 at 8:44 amNate Randall

    Very interesting and thank you for pointing it out!

    As an aside, we go to Casual Connect tomorrow! Woot! Feel free to send me any questions you’de like addressed in our coverage!


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