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Virtually Blind periodically runs “Quicklinks” — items that are not long enough for a full story, but are worth a click. Here’s today’s batch, all from Second Life.

  • Landbot InvasionLandbots are misunderstood, according to Landbot Invasion, a new blog from the “Super Babenco Brothers.” The brothers warn Second Life users against bad landbot practices (e.g. buying land for pennies on the dollar, the deliciously ironic subject of Marc Bragg’s most recent lawsuit threat), and lobby for their responsible use. So far, it strikes a reasonable tone. And hey… it’s the first site to formally adopt VB’s proposal for a standard format for avatar reference, so it gets a Quicklink on those grounds alone.
  • The Second Life Herald recently reported that ‘Master Quatro,’ manager of Anshe Chung’s Dreamland, sent Dreamland residents an angry note encouraging “a massive outpouring of disgust … or a class action lawsuit” directed at Linden Lab for “aid[ing] and abett[ing]” griefers. Probably better off going with the “massive outpouring of disgust. ” The Second Life Terms of Service don’t obligate Linden Lab to do anything against griefers, and a breach of implied warranty claim is going to be tough sledding since the service basically does work. The claim is not completely unreasonable, but it would be an uphill battle.
  • SL Eye Investigations LogoIn the “it was bound to happen” department, we recently ran across a placeholder for a website for a Second Life private investigator (via TecnoLlama). The awkwardly-named “SL(eye)investigations” offers “vetting & pre-employment screening, asset tracking, people tracing, theft & fraud investigation, general research, and computer security & data recovery.” One can assume they also offer, “posing as a hot avatar to get the dirt on your real life spouse,” but felt that sounded too sleazy for the front page.
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One Response to “Quicklinks: Good Landbots, Class Action Lawsuits, and a Second Life Gumshoe”

  1. on 11 Dec 2007 at 7:34 amMarc Woebegone


    Landbot legend Merlin has listed is software program for sale on e-Bay… for $523.00 something, if you buy it now…. Now, I found scripters willing to write one for around $100.00 or so, so the price is high, but the concept delicious.

    Link is here:


    landbot for second life.
    A program to automatically log into second life and search the land for sale database and automatically buy land at the size and price you set.

    easy to use. simple to set up.

    you could buy a entire sim for 1/3rd of a penny!!! It’s the luck of the draw, or luck of the teleport.

    This program has been in use for over year, a never ending saga of progress in both engineering and design.

    For less then the price of 1/4 SIM you could buy unlimited land for unbelievably low prices!

    In order to keep competition down and increase your odd’s of getting those awesome deals i will only sell one copy of this program at this price, after this one sells the price goes up 100USD for each copy that sells after it.

    IM LandBot Merlin
    Inworld with questions.

    This is a computer program and will be emailed to you.
    Zero delivery fee.

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