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Second Life’s ‘Cat Galileo’ — real life law librarian Kate Fitz (JD, MLIS) — runs a deep virtual law archive that I’ve directed readers to Lawspot Online Logobefore at Lawspot Online, and she just added a new feature where she tracks historical changes to Second Life’s Terms of Service.

The page is worth bookmarking for practitioners, researchers, archivists, and end users too. I’ve gone to the internet archive for these before, but the coverage is spotty and you can’t tell what has been changed. ‘Galileo’ has excerpted the changes so you can see what is different in each version. She also seeks information from readers regarding the dates of changes, as well as any that the internet archive may have been missed; in time, I suspect she will compile a complete collection.

There’s no analysis here (for that, you’ll want to poke around on VB for the purely legal angle, or seek out the detailed writeups on the changes from ‘Nobody Fugazi’) but Lawspot does what libraries do best — puts the information you need at your fingertips. Hat tip to ‘Galileo’ for yet another great addition to her invaluable resource collection.

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One Response to “Historical Terms of Service for Second Life Online”

  1. on 20 Oct 2007 at 11:24 amTaran Rampersad

    Cool. If someone else will do it and do it right, I don’t need to do it. That frees me up to do other things. :-)

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