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Archive for September, 2007

Guest Commentary A recent guild disbandment in World of Warcraft may mark the beginning of the decline of “Virtual Worlds” into “Virtual Countries,” as conflict of law issues make it nearly impossible to fairly enforce rights and duties. As first reported by WoWInsider, a World of Warcraft guild called “Abhorrent Taboo” was recently disbanded for [...]

This short video (by Second Life’s prolific and talented ‘Bernhard Drax,’) takes you inside the virtual Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp in Second Life. The project resulted from a partnership between Seton Hall School of Law, the MacArthur Foundation, the Bay Area Video Coalition, documentary producer/director Nonny de la Peña, and Peggy Weil, professor of interactive [...]

Professor Joshua Fairfield (currently a visiting professor at Washington and Lee University School of Law) will present his paper, “Anti-Social Contracts,” at the Monday, September 24, 2007 Metanomics session in Second Life (11:00 AM Pacific). From the press release from Washington and Lee University: Fairfield’s lecture will discuss how private-law contracts (known as End User [...]

The Virtual Worlds 2007 conference in San Jose October 10-11 (VB is one of Virtual Worlds 2007′s media partners) just announced a late-addition session entitled Combating IP Theft in Virtual Worlds: A look at EROS, LLC’s Landmark Avatar Lawsuit, in the Entertainment and Marketing track. Eros’ CEO, Kevin Alderman (‘Stroker Serpentine’ in Second Life) is [...]

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