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Metanomics LogoCornell Professor Robert Bloomfield, in association with Metaversed, has announced Metanomics 07, a speaker series focused on business and policy in the metaverse. A partial speaker list has been posted (nominations are still open) and it includes a diverse and impressive list of academics, business leaders, and commentators from a cross-section of the professional metaverse. Several of the presentations will be of particular interest to readers who follow virtual law. From the announcement:

While events take place in Second Life, and we will have a number of sessions on the vibrant Second Life business community, our scope embraces all of the Metaverse. The complete list of speakers includes virtual world visionaries Julian Dibbell and Ted Castronova, legal scholars Bryan T. Camp and Joshua Fairfield, Second Life tycoon Anshe Chung, US Congressional Staffer Dan Miller. We also expect to have representatives from a number of key businesses in the Metaverse, such as IBM, Intel, SAP, and Cisco.

Events will be broadcast on, and will be archived on Metaversed. This looks like a great set of presentations, and they’re already on my calendar.

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2 Responses to “Metanomics Launches, Announces 2007 Speakers”

  1. on 14 Sep 2007 at 2:44 amNobody Fugazi

    I saw this. I think that if there are legal interests, they will focus more around corporate interests rather than SMEs. The usual suspects are there… and I expect that they will say similar things that they have said in the past.

    The ‘professional metaverse’. That has to be one of the more interesting groupings I have heard… but it is also fair to say that they do not speak for the entire metaverse, and represent only corporate interests. Odd that Prokofy Neva would be involved in a site that does that. Maybe she’s jumping on her own FIC wagon. :-)

  2. on 14 Sep 2007 at 2:56 amBenjamin Duranske

    SME = small and medium enterprise? If so, maybe not via “metanomics”, but I expect lawyers *will* pay attention to them (hmmm… “metalaw” maybe?) if for no other reason than because a lot of our income comes from startups, small businesses, etc. Not all lawyers are focused on Fortune 500 companies, and there’s a lot of room in the niches.

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