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Elchoness Law Firm, LLCElchoness Law Firm, LLC: Global Workplace Counsel recently announced the opening of a Second Life office. Elchoness Law Firm is an employment law firm based out of Boulder, Colorado.

VB doesn’t cover all firm openings in virtual worlds (there are dozens in Second Life alone now, according to the invaluable Galileo Law Directory) but this one caught my eye because the Elchoness firm seems to have a better understanding of what might work in a virtual world than some.

Beyond just hanging a shingle, Dave Elchoness (as Second Life avatar ‘Da Etchegaray’) has started a group in Second Life “dedicated to the enhancement of the workplace, human resources, and employment issues through the use of virtual worlds such as Second Life,” and is encouraging “all residents interested exploring how virtual worlds can improve the workplace” to join.

The group’s name is “Second Life Workplace,” and if you want to visit the Elchoness offices, you can find them at Silicon Island (193, 91, 38).

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2 Responses to “Elchoness Law Firm Opens Second Life Office; Starts “Second Life Workplace” Group”

  1. on 24 Aug 2007 at 1:01 pmDave Elchoness

    Thanks for the very kind article. Indeed, in a past life I managed the interface between IT employees in the US and India. An informal forum for “in-person” meetings like Second Life could have dramatically sped up the easing of cultural tensions and caused very different workplaces to bond more easily. Think about having a cup of coffee with a colleague 10,000 miles away in a casual Mill Pond coffee shop, chatting about family, books, whatever. Get the pulse of a coworker and you will improve your workplace immeasurably. My office really is not much about practicing law. I can do that in RL. It’s about figuring out how to use virtual worlds in the context of practicing law, human resources, etc.

  2. on 24 Aug 2007 at 1:29 pmAshcroft Burnham

    SecondLife does indeed have fascinating potential for use in all kinds of capacities such as these, right throughout the services sector.

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