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Xfire Debate Splash[Editor's Note: If you missed this event, Xfire has made a transcript of the "Main Floor" debate between the panelists available here. There's also a transcript of the concurrent debate among Xfire users, here. Thanks to the Xfire guys for running this, and to Joe Blancato for hosting. Original post below.]


Readers may be interested in a debate / panel discussion on game currency to be held today at 3PM Eastern time, hosted by Xfire. I’m one of the seven panelists. The others include a technology writer, the lead artist for Arden, a professor at USC, ZAM Network’s Content Manager, PR manager at NHN USA, and the CEO of Sparter. The event is hosted by Joe Blancato, Associate Editor at The Escapist magazine, and founder of It should be an interesting discussion.

Participation requires a quick software download and setting up a user ID, but it is all free, and the Xfire software is easy to use.

Here is the description of the event from Xfire:

The Xfire Debate Club presents its 7th meeting as a discussion of the driving force behind your favorite game, money. Online games today are more dependant on in-game currency than ever before. With top minds from the industry, journalism, and academia, we will talk about the different design approaches to make virtual exchange useful, fair, and enjoyable.

Edited to add links to transcripts on August 22, 2007.

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2 Responses to “Xfire “Virtual Gold & Real Money” Debate Today”

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