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Virtually Blind periodically runs “quicklinks” — items that are not long enough for a full story, but are worth a click. Here’s the current batch:

  • Slashdot reports that eBay is enforcing a ban on auctions for virtual property in multiplayer games like World of Warcraft, City of Heroes, and others, but has specifically exempted property in Second Life from the ban. It will be interesting to see how the market breaks down after this. There are a half-dozen fairly well known virtual property auction sites that have been living on eBay scraps for the last decade. One of them, or somebody new, should come out of this looking pretty good.
  • The Second Life Herald rants about knock-offs of well-known Second Life hairstyle designs. Virtually Blind will be exploring the question of copyright protection for virtual hairstyles in the next couple of weeks. No, seriously. Quit laughing. It’s not as simple as it seems.
  • PopMatters says that “Second Life is being hailed as the next MySpace.” Well, no one is quoted who actually says that, but maybe that’s the point of PopMatters – it gets to pick. Three thoughts. First, hear that sound? Way off, but getting closer? That’s the beginning of the backlash. Second, they could be right. I recently overheard two teenage girls on a bus in San Francisco: “Do do you, like, have one of those Second Life things? I don’t, like, pay. Just the free, like, thing, you know?” Third, this matters because kids are followed by regulation and legislation. What were the last five stories you read about MySpace? I bet at least four of them included the words “undercover detective.”
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