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Archive for November, 2008

The Polska Republika has launched as the newest self-governance project in Second Life.  Here’s the Polska Republika website, and, since it’s entirely in Polish, here’s a traditionally suspect Google translation. The Polska Republika has posted a Constitution (here’s the translation).  This is fairly clearly not an attempt to recreate modern Poland — among other discontinuities, [...]

There are three new filings in the SLART trademark suit.  First, Philip Rosedale and Mitch Kapor have filed a Motion to Dismiss (.zip, w/exhibits) arguing that Minsky’s fraud claims lack sufficient specificity.  Minsky has responded (.zip, w/exhibits), and has also filed an Answer (.zip, w/exhibits) to Linden Lab’s counterclaims. There’s not too much to say [...]

This is an update in the MDY v. Blizzard case.  Sort of.  Here’s the deal — people who have nothing to do with a case sometimes file motions in U.S. Courts.  These motions usually take the form of the amicus brief filed earlier by Public Knowledge, a digital rights advocacy group. But sometimes they take [...]

The Wall Street Journal’s China Journal reports that China is directly taxing profits made on sales of virtual currency, apparently whether or not the virtual world or game provider affirmatively supports “real money trade” in its game or virtual world.  From the WSJ post: The State Administration of Taxation said on its Web site Wednesday [...]

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