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Archive for October, 2008

Second Life creator Linden Lab’s attempt to open a second front in the battle over SLART has been stymied.  The USPTO Trademark Trial and Appeal Board suspended (.pdf) the cancellation proceeding that Linden Lab initaited last month regarding artist Richard Minsky’s registration of “SLART” pending the outcome of the lawsuit Minsky filed earlier in Federal [...]

Users with disabilities access virtual worlds on the 3D internet to run businesses, socialize without stigmas, and learn in new ways.  There’s even a “Virtual Ability” island in Second Life (originally funded by the National Library of Medicine and maintained through private donations) devoted to accessibility for disabled users.  Just like the real world, however, [...]

This edition of Virtually Blind’s Reading Room features an article addressing legal issues associated with virtual item transactions.  The article, Transactions of Virtual Items in Virtual Worlds (.pdf), by Michael Passman, is available here courtesy of the author and the Albany Law Journal of Science & Technology.  Passman is a recent law school graduate who [...]

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