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Archive for August, 2008

This edition of the site’s Reading Room (the first of two this week) features a student paper addressing the application of the privacy tort “intrusion on seclusion” to virtual worlds.  The paper, Common Law Privacy in a Not So Common World: Prospects for the Tort of Intrusion upon Seclusion in Virtual Worlds (.pdf), is exclusively [...]

For readers who have been waiting to pick up my book Virtual Law at Amazon, I’m really happy to report that it’s available there now. It’s also available at Barnes & Noble and other online outlets. If you pre-ordered it at one of these sites already, you should get it soon. You can still get [...]

I’m excited to report that starting next week, I’ll be providing deeper analysis of issues in virtual law via industry-focused papers which will be for sale through the Technology Intelligence Group, the most recent project from Christian Renaud.  Renaud, formerly Cisco’s Chief Architect of Networked Virtual Environments, has brought together an ever-growing collection of virtual [...]

The SL Bar Association, an informal professional organization for attorneys and legal scholars in the virtual world of Second Life that I founded in late 2006, recently concluded its 2008-2009 elections for President-Elect, Vice President of Communication, Vice President of Finance, and three Executive Board Seats. Stephen Wu, a California attorney who goes by ‘Legal [...]

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