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Archive for May, 2008

This is a little off topic, but I’ve found that the hardest thing to get across when you start talking about virtual worlds with people who aren’t familar with them (both lawyers and non-lawyers) is why they matter beyond their value as play spaces. My usual line is something like this: “The web is going [...]

Plaintiff Antonio Hernandez yesterday filed a motion seeking class certification in his suit against against virtual property dealer Internet Gaming Entertainment for its activities in World of Warcraft. This is a critical filing, as the judge’s decision will determine whether the case includes millions of World of Warcraft users, or just Mr. Hernandez. Documents follow: [...]

Blizzard and MDY have filed their “replies” (the last round of briefing to the court) in the lawsuit over MDY’s popular World of Warcraft automation program, MMO Glider. Perhaps sparked by the recent amicus brief filed by Public Knowledge, the replies focus largely on the copyright claims in this case. Here are the documents: Blizzard’s [...]

The Second Life Herald recently reported that the IRS issued a ruling that the Electric Sheep Company’s Second Life greeters for its CSI:NY promotion were “employees” rather than contractors, implicating greater tax withholding and reporting requirements and raising questions for other virtual world businesses. Giff Constable, Electric Sheep Company’s VP of Operations and Strategy, commented [...]

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