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Archive for May, 2007

Virtually Blind periodically features “Three Things” — quick lists of places, people, or issues important to virtual law. Because there are so many first-time visitors to the site this weekend (VB was linked in Regina Lynn’s “Sex Drive” column on Wired yesterday) I want to provide a quick overview of virtual law for our new [...]

The dirtiest little legal secret in Second Life isn’t virtual escorts, illegal gambling, ponzi schemes, or even money laundering — the secret is this: misappropriation of major corporations’ trademarks in Second Life is so ubiquitous, so safe, and so immensely profitable, that it has become a wholly transparent part of Second Life’s bustling commercial landscape. [...]

Second Life Insider has a short piece up this morning on business attire in virtual worlds. That piece links to this Information Week Blog post by Mitch Wagner, which is the most interesting thing I’ve read recently on avatar customization. The point of the SLI post is basically that people should make their avatars look [...]

I still hate “There” more than any other piece of software I’ve ever used to interact with other people (and I’ve used Groupwise, so that’s saying something) but enough lectures and panels on virtual law are scheduled at the State of Play Academy over the next few months that readers who can stomach There’s counterintuitive [...]

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