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Still from YouTube Gambling VideoHere’s a link to a well-edited YouTube video about the recent gambling ban, put together by Second Life’s ‘Bernhard Drax.’

The video features me (as ‘Benjamin Noble’) talking about the legal side of things, ‘Prokofy Neva’ on how Second Life is like Yeltsin’s Russia, a sleazy (albeit blurred) video that maybe can’t be shown in Germany, a disabled veteran who has lost a source of income since this move, electronic music, an underground casino, giant dollar bills, and a righteous protest complete with angry, recycled signs and t-shirts. Basically, your average, everyday, Second Life experience.

What’s the takeaway from this? Well, like I’ve said before, from a legal perspective, it was bound to happen. While it’s undeniably sad that people have lost a source of income due to the ban, they really should have known they were on thin ice running unlicensed casinos in a virtual world to begin with, regardless of the fact that Linden Lab let them get away with it until now.

Also, on a personal note, I noticed something about mixed media watching this: it’s just incredibly odd to watch your avatar on screen and hear your own voice at the same time.

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