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State of Play AcademyI still hate “There” more than any other piece of software I’ve ever used to interact with other people (and I’ve used Groupwise, so that’s saying something) but enough lectures and panels on virtual law are scheduled at the State of Play Academy over the next few months that readers who can stomach There’s counterintuitive interface, limited tools, and general inanity may want to consider grimacing along with me in order to attend what look to be some pretty good events.

In the next week alone, there are lectures on local cultures in the global media space (tomorrow), the Fourth Amendment and voluntary information collection (next Monday), the trade secret doctrine of “inevitable disclosure,” (next Tuesday) and “indirect enforcement” of intellectual property law (also next Tuesday). Here’s a link to the 2007 SOPA calendar for more information.

If you go to any of these, look for me. My avatar in There is ‘BenjaminNoble’ (spaces aren’t allowed) and I’ll be wearing an ugly yellow shirt, board shorts, and leather mandals (this outfit appears to be an everlasting punishment for my unwillingness to give Makena Technologies any money). You thought Sisyphus had it bad.

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