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Eros CaptionPlaintiff Eros has submitted a second motion for leave to serve subpoenas (.pdf) in its copyright and trademark infringement case against a defendant currently identified as the Second Life avatar “Volkov Catteneo” for the alleged misuse of intellectual property associated with Eros’ sexual animation software and in-world products.

If the motion is granted, subpoenas will issue to AT&T and Charter Communications seeking identifying information based on IP address records which were apparently obtained in response to previous subpoenas issued to Linden Lab and PayPal. The information sought in these subpoenas includes the user’s name, address, and payment information, as well as Media Access Control (MAC) and Ethernet Hardware Address (EHA) numbers.

From the motion:

In connection with its ongoing investigation into defendant’s identity, Eros has obtained information relating to defendant’s purported real name from various sources. Nevertheless, Eros is not yet certain whether this information is correct, especially in light of defendant’s comments [to Reuters, that he had no permanent address and had provided false information to Linden Lab].

[September 6, 2007 Update: The motion was granted. Subpoenas will issue to AT&T and Charter Communications.]

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One Response to “Eros v. John Doe: Eros Seeks New Subpoenas [Update: Motion Granted, Subpoenas to Issue]”

  1. on 07 Sep 2007 at 1:46 pmAshcroft Burnham

    This does rather show why both identity verification (if done properly) and in-world justice systems are so important. One cannot seriously go through all of this for every in-world dispute worth only several hundreds or even merely several tens of US dollars.

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